Friday, March 13, 2015

March 14 Wind-up ON SKIS (and hopefully snow)

What would a Jackrabbit wind-up be without skis!

James and I were out with out skis tonight to check it out. It is pretty sketchy, but we think there is enough snow for some games (as long as there isn't too much melting tonight). There is too much snow for anything else so it is either skiing or nothing. Skiing it is!

We'll meet at the **baseball diamond** to the right of the clubhouse. The soccer field is awful and the hills on the golf course is basically grass. The baseball diamond has snow still (or at least did at 9:00 this evening).

The plan is to play some games including (if we can pull it together) a snowball biathlon. Chips, pop, and treats afterwards in the clubhouse (main floor). The jackrabbit toques are here as well as the progress books and stickers for the year.

See you Saturday for the last ski of the year!

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