Thursday, December 2, 2021

Time Trial Saturday!

With two weeks of skiing under our belts before December we are already ready to try out our first time trial!  It's nice to check the kid's speed early in the season and again near the end to see the improvement over the season!  

Everyone should be on classic skis this week and be prepared for a serious snow dance! Our trails need more snow!

Thursday, November 11, 2021

We are full! Need more volunteers to open more spots!

 We have had overwhelming interest in the Jackrabbits program this year and with only two coaches we have had to close registration for now. We need more parent volunteers to help us out in order to open new spots.  Coaching for the Bunnyrabbits level (age 3-5ish) is our highest need.  Being an expert skier is not required for coaching at this level… you just need a willingness to be on skis and the ability to encourage the kids and help to run some games / obstacle courses near the parking area while the bigger kids venture out onto the trails.  As parents must ski with their Bunnyrabbits you will have many other adults around to help. There is a small amount of online training that you will need to do for Bunnyrabbits coaching but it can be done over a period of time through the ski season.  Please reach out if you are interested in being a coach / parent volunteer.

Coach Sarah and Coach Chad

Thursday, November 4, 2021


Jackrabbits and Bunnyrabbits registration for the 2021-2022 ski year is now open at:

Registration will be open until December 31 but with only two coaches this year, registration will be limited to approximately 20 kids. New coaches are welcome and would allow us to increase our numbers.

We've seen the first few flakes of snow fall from the sky already but it does feel
like putting the skis onto snow will still have to wait quite a bit longer!  We plan to have our first (likely dry land) session Saturday November 20th 10:30am outside the Wildwood community centre.  Assuming there is no snow the following Saturday November 27th we plan to do a family hike at a local park.  The dry land training is good opportunity to get our heart rates up outdoors and to get to know the kids and parents before we are all bundled up for skiing.

Hope to see you soon!

Coach Sarah and Coach Chad

Monday, September 13, 2021

2021/22 Jackrabbits Season - coming soon!

 Hello Jackrabbit Families!

It is a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon, and as we are basking in the last warm days of summer I know what is on all our minds: when can we get back on snow and get skiing! 

As we all are preparing for the year and are doing all the scheduling for the kids activities, we wanted to send out this reminder about how the jackrabbits season generally works. We also wanted to update you on the coaching team and send out an ask for help (so prepare for the pitch!). 

We will open registration in late October and hold our first session at the beginning of November. We'll send out notices as that gets closer. We'll meet Saturday Mornings at 10:30 - 11:30 on the soccer field to the north of Wildwood CC or across the road on the golf course, as we have in past years. We haven't had to limit registration before and are hoping not to this year, but having more coaches would help ensure that [...foreshadowing]. 

We are thrilled that Coach Sarah and Coach Chad are returning this year and will be taking on the leadership of the club. Coach Adam and Coach Ted, who have been running things for the past 7 or so years, are stepping back. As families grow, our needs change - so it is with coaches too. Adam and Ted will be helping plan the year with Chad and Sarah, and will be around to support them as they take on leading the group and coaching the weekly sessions. 

Which brings us to the ask for help. Last year we had 5 coaches and it was fantastic. This year, we'll have 2 - which is certainly doable (and we had run the program like that for several years), but more is better. Coaching in general -- and coaching skiing for kids particularly -- is remarkably rewarding. You don't need to be an expert skier by any stretch of the imagination. Like, not at all.  And there is huge support from the community, including excellent training (for which the club will cover the costs). You also get to work with a great team (if we do say so ourselves) who will take the lead on the majority of the planning and organizing. If this seems at all interesting to you, we would love to talk to you about it.  It is a fairly low commitment (as coaching goes) and you would be joining a an experienced coaching team, as part of a well established group, that is part of a well supported sport organization, in family-friendly life-long sport. It is an amazing way to make a real impact in your community and in kids' lives.

/end sales pitch. 

So stay tuned. Think about whether coaching may be for you. Reach out if you have questions about skiing or coaching, and we'll see you in November!

Snow Snow Snow!!

(Too soon? It may be too soon. But soon!)

Adam, Ted
Coaches Emeritus, Wildwood Jackrabbits

Sarah, Chad
Coaches, Wildwood Jackrabbits. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Thanks for a great (though short) season!

Well, even by our standards, we can no longer deny that the season has come to an end. Thanks to those families who came out for a ski at Birds Hill. It was really icy, but a good last ski. 

A special thanks this year to our new coaches - Sarah, Chad and Emily, who came on board in this bizarre time and helped make the program possible. And a very special shout out to Emily, who is finishing her Masters, studying Architecture at U of M this year. We don't know what the future holds for her or where she will be off to, but we wish her well! We have really enjoyed her enthusiasm and passion for skiing. And if she happens to find herself in Winnipeg next year we would be thrilled to have her back!

Watch for emails in the fall as we hopefully get back to some normal programming!

Until then have a great spring and summer!

Adam, Ted, Sarah, Chad and Emily
Coaches, Wildwood Jackrabbits

Friday, March 12, 2021

March 13 - Ski/Hike at Birds Hill Park

Wildwood ski trails are done. Windsor park has closed official use for the year, but the trails (what is left of them) are technically open. The season is drawing to a close. Some would say it is over. They are probably right. 

We have been watching the trail reports and it looks like Birds Hill might, potentially, be somewhat skiable... on some of the trails... with minor portages necessary. Basically it is pretty sketchy. 

But, ever the optimists, and with nothing else on our agenda for Saturday morning, here is the plan: the coaches are going to Birds Hill tomorrow. We may ski. We may hike. If anyone wants to come along and take what nature gives us, we'd be happy to have you! (zero pressure!) Bring your skis, bring your hiking gear, and bring a snack and water. We will be there at 10:30 and will organize... something. It is also a good chance for families to do some exploring on their own too. There are lots of great hiking trails there!  

We'll meet at the Chikadee parking lot. Watch for the Jackrabbits sign!

A reminder that Park Passes are required for provincial parks. 

If you'd like to join us please indicate in teamsnap and we'll watch for you. 

We are canceling all the remaining sessions. If we can go out again we will, but it looks like the season has come to an end. 

Thanks for a great (though shortened) season. We really enjoyed skiing with you all this year, even (or perhaps especially) in these strange times. We may have one or two more notes this year, but watch for news in the fall about next year. 

Friday, March 5, 2021

March 6 - Snowball Biathlon

We still have snow! And it is warm enough that we can do another one of our traditions - the snowball biathlon! This is often one of our end of season days since we need enough snow to ski, but it needs to be warm enough for snowballs.  Group 1 is going to lay out the course and the rest of us follow, staggering the groups. Several of the coaches have been out over the past little while, and if the tracks maintain their consistency, it will be great for double pole work. 

A reminder that we are still observing all provincial health restrictions, including:

  1. If you are sick, stay home. Including being in contact with people who are (or may be) sick.
  2. use TeamSnap to record your attendance (for contact tracing) and for health screening. 
  3. Masks are required. Neck warmers don't count. 
  4. Maintain 2m physician distance at all times (parents/caregivers your help here is important). 

We have 4 coaches this week, so there is a small change in the groups. Look to your email for the details.