Monday, January 18, 2021

Zoom meeting January 22 7pm

We are going to have another zoom meeting this Friday for those unable to attend last week, or,  after another week of skiing, have new questions. 

As with last time, this is a fairly informal conversation to chat about anything ski related that would make skiing better and more enjoyable for you and your family. We'll have some cool websites on tap to show you. These can help with where to ski,  trail conditions and weather. We can also go over some of the more popular destinations and what to expect. We'd also love to hear where you have been!  We've got a bit of a waxing demo prepped if people want to dive into that. Whatever works. And if this isn't something that is helpful for you, there is no requirement or pressure to attend. Us coaches like hanging out talking about skiing, so we'll have a good time regardless!

A link and calendar invite has been emailed to everyone who is registered. If you haven't yet and would still like to attend, please email the coaches.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Jackrabbit Zoom Meeting Friday Jan 15

Friday will be having one of our (hopefully) recurring meetings to help you with you skiing while we are not able to be together. We have a few things planned, including a waxing clinic to go into some more details about how to wax effectively. But we are really open to what you want to discuss. What is helpful for you and your kids, hints and tips, where to ski - whatever help you need. 

A link has been emailed to everyone who is registered. If you haven't yet and would still like to attend, please email the coaches.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Jackrabbits 20/2021 Season - Lets Get Skiing!.... Well lets get YOU Skiing anyway

We hope many of you have already had a chance to get out and enjoy this fantastic weather and the great conditions at many of the trails in and around the city.  Usually by now we would be well into our season, but not this year. With the current restrictions, gathering is still not possible. That may be changing (fingers crossed!), but for now, we are all on our own. Getting out for physical activity is important and encouraged under provincial health restrictions, and skiing is a great way to enjoy the winter. 

Here is how the program is going to work until we can actually meet. Basically you are going to go skiing, and we are going to wrap some ideas, tools and support around that. 

Starting next Friday (January 15th) we are going to offer a weekly parents meeting to talk about skiing - the weather, how to prep, where people may want to go, what to expect at different places, and some skills to work on. Depending on the interest we can break that into different meetings for different levels. We are also more than happy to have one-on-one meetings with families (including kids if you like!). This first Friday meeting will be some general stuff, with conversation about what you would find helpful.  We'll also have a more detailed waxing clinic and talk about the Jackrabbit booklets, stickers and skill progression that families can use for motivation (if that is helpful). From there we'll build these sessions to meet what you need. We are also working on some 'on your own" activities that you can choose to do as well. All of this is to help you get out skiing with your family. None of it is required, use what works for you.  

In terms of places to go, here are some ideas. 

Wildwood is tracked and in great shape. Our usual ski playground area is a bit of a mess because of all the people sledding, but once you get on the trails they are great. 

Windsor Park Nordic Centre is excellent. Well tracked. And lit for evening/night skiing, which is super fun. Look up the map online because there are lots of ways to go. Adam's kids like to follow the main drag out to the blue oval and then do the black diamond loop and all the little 'loops' (dog tooth, deer leg, fox hole, coyote run) back to the clubhouse. An easy 45 minute ski. (the black diamond isn't bad and you can easily skip it). You do need a pass to ski here. They can be bought online. We haven't ever seen them check for passes, but a good idea to get one to support them. 

Beaudry Park is also great. Chad's family skied the Wild Grape - Elm loop, which is a great place start.  You can always skip Elm with littler kids. The path across the river to the Basswood trails is open now, and that is a nice loop to add on if you want a longer ski. 

And Birds Hill is always great for a fairly close adventure. Page 2 of the trails map shows the ski trails. You can start at the Chickadee parking lot (first parking on the map) or further along at the ranch just off Nimowin road. There are lots of trails here, so take a map for sure. Lots of great loops for whatever distance you want to tackle. The viewing tower is a fun stop, and Chickadee will take you straight there.  

You need a park pass for provincial parks (that applies to Beaudry and Birds Hill). Remember that no warming shacks or club houses are open - so go prepared! 

Let us know what your favourite place to go is and any tips you may have!

In the meantime if you have any questions about skiing at all - how to get started with your kids, or anything, shoot us an email. 

And one last thing. If you haven't registered, this is the last mass email. We will be sending all further emails just to the registered folk, and posting on our website. 

Registration is via ZONE4:   

We are looking forward to connecting next week!

Sunday, November 1, 2020

2020/2021 Registration Open

Well, with the city moving into Pandemic Response Level Red on Monday and community centres and sports groups basically shut down for the next little while, we figured there was no better time to open registration for Jackrabbits! Call it an act of defiant hope. There *will* be Jackrabbits this year -  hopefully sooner than later. But regardless of when, we will do it safely. 

This year registration will ask if you want to be in Bunny Rabbits/Jackrabbits or Track Attack. Remember that the Track Attack program is designed for older (~10+) skiers who already have some skills. This group will be a ski-out group while the Bunny Rabbits/Jackrabbits will be at Wildwood. We will all be at Wildwood from time to time as well. There is no hard and fast rule about the ages. Both programs will be family-based and families are encouraged to ski together. 

If you have any questions you can take a look at the email we sent last week, or send us an email. There is no difference in cost, and it is all one big happy skiing family, so if you need to switch or you aren't sure, don't worry. We'll sort it all out as we go. 

Registration is via ZONE4: 

The fees are the same as previous years: $55 for one child $110 for two or more. Parents/Caregivers, if you are planning to ski (and we strongly encourage that), please register too. It is one of those insurance things. There is no cost to register the adults - but you also don't get a fancy toque or stickers. Sorry. 

Your registration includes registration with the Cross Country Ski Association of Manitoba and Nordiq Canada. There are also options to donate to track maintenance at Wildwood, and to National Athlete development. These are totally optional. 

Please also check the "receive club emails". It is just us that gets that list, and it lets us send you these emails and reminders. 

As always, if you have questions, please let us know.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Gearing Up for the season

The season is almost upon us and we have even had a good dusting of snow to get us excited (has someone been practicing the snow dance?). Registration will be opening soon - watch for an email on that coming in the next week or so. And if you need skis, you may want to act now. The scuttlebutt is that this may be a busy year for skis as people figure out what we have always known: skiing is a pretty great way to get outside in the winter!  

So as we gear up for the season, there are a few programming changes to share with you:

We are going to be expanding our programming to include the Track Attack level. The Nordiq Canada ski program for kids has 3 levels: Bunny Rabbit, Jackrabbit and Track Attack. We have generally just called our program Jackrabbits, and will keep doing that, but at age 10, kids should start moving into Track Attack and we have never had that option. This new program will be geared to the older kids with some experience in skiing. Coach Ted and Coach Adam will run the program. We will go to different locations in and around the city to try out other courses and do skills work geared to the course and the conditions. It will still be family-based, so everyone can come and ski!. About once a month we'll join up with the rest of the Wildwood family for a session at Wildwood. We are still working on a schedule and locations - so let us know if you have favourites we should try!

The Bunny Rabbits, and Jackrabbits will stay at Wildwood. We are super thrilled to announce three new coaches: Sara, Bryan and Chad, who will step into coaching ski boots to run this program. All three have been part of Wildwood Jackrabbits, and they have some considerable skills and experience. While the program may shift a bit (it always does as new coaches bring their own energy and skills), it is still going to be a family based program focusing on teaching kids to ski by having fun together. We are grateful and thrilled (did I mention thrilled) that they are taking up the ski poles of leadership as we expand the program. 

Now, COVID. With the current 5 person outdoor gathering limit, it doesn't make sense to start. Once those restrictions are relaxed we will get underway. Skiing, as it relates to COVID, is a pretty safe sport, and we will put practices in place to ensure we comply with all  provincial health orders and guidelines, and will follow guidance from the Cross Country Ski Association of Manitoba (CCSAM) and Nordiq Canada. This will include distancing, some modifications to games, and how we organize groups. There will be more on that as we get closer to go time. 

If you have any questions as we start to prepare for the season, don't hesitate to contact us. 

We are looking forward to a great season!

Friday, March 27, 2020

Thanks for a great season - and one final challenge: Get out and ski!

There is still snow. It would be perfect for an end of year snowball biathlon or other fun day of games, but with the COVID-19 stuff, we don’t think that would be a good idea. And though I am sure the kids would love to get together, the whole ‘social distancing’ is hard for them to adhere to – even with their ski POLEs (Personal Offset Length Evaluators) as a distance guide.

So, instead, we have a challenge for you! There are still lots of places that are good for skiing. Pick and place and go as a family. You can check out the CCSAM site for ideas on where to go: Windsor is still great – and free! Birdshill is still good in many places. The weekend is going to be beautiful, so get out and ski!
This will be it for the year for Wildwood Jackrabbits. It has been a whole lot of fun and an absolute privilege coaching the kids this year. It has been so rewarding for us to see the progress in everyone (even some of the parents!). 

Next year is likely going to be a bit different. We are needing to add on some programming for the older kids, and with two coaches (and sometimes just one) it will be difficult to run the full program. So we need help! The program is fairly well developed (if we do say so ourselves) and there is good training and certification available through the Cross Country Ski Association of Manitoba, which the club will pay for. You don’t have to be a great skier yourself – particularly for the little ones. We have had a few parents step up and help this year which has been great (and actually quite essential). With a few more we could have a really robust program that isn’t too taxing on any one coach. Ted and I will be around to help with planning and prep, and we can be around as backups. But we need to transition the leadership to some other folk. If this feels like it could be you, give us a shout and we can peal back the curtain on the magic that is Wildwood Jackrabbits. We think it is a great program and we'd hate to see it end.

Thanks again for a great season! We'll figure out all the stickers and get those out... somehow. And we’ll see you all in November, just in time for all the social distancing to finally end!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Skiing March 21 and onwards

Hello Everyone,

We have been giving the idea of skiing this weekend as a group a lot of thought in light of the need to social distance and flatten the curve of COVID19.  We have thought further regarding smaller group gatherings and how we can still keep skiing for a few more weekends.  We are very supportive of doing our part to stay separated from each other during this time and are happy to encourage everyone to get outside as a family and keep skiing as much as you feel comfortable.  

We will continue to come out, as long as there is snow, to Wildwood, at the same time to setup some poles, pylons to allow kids some fun hill time and families to go skiing together.  They will be fairly informal sessions with mostly just come out to ski and practice your skills if you want to. It will sort of be come and go on your own but knowing there are other Jackrabbits out there somewhere.

We totally understand and respect everyone's decision to stay home, no pressure at all.  If you are more interested at skiing on your own as a family while you still can, please check out the link below as it outline some other trail areas.

As for stickers and books, we will try to get the stickers out via mail, or drop off at your door, in the next week or 2.  If you don't have a book for stickers, let us know and we'll send that out otherwise keep your eyes peeled for stickers in the coming weeks.

Hope you all keep skiing as long as you can and we'll keep updating people week to week.

Hope everyone stays healthy and safe!

Coach Adam & Ted