Friday, October 23, 2015

First Session November 7

We will be having our first Jackrabbit session on Saturday November 7, 10:30am - 11:30am at the soccer field north of the Wildwood Community Centre

Everyone is Welcome. We will be opening Registration shortly (just getting online system setup). If you have time before that to register before the session, that would be great, if not, please come anyway. 

We will be playing some games, going for a run, and generally getting our bodies back into the skiing frame of mind. And of course, the Jackrabbit snow dance. Make sure to wear running shoes and clothes you can move in. 

If you have questions please email the coaches at

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Getting Ready to Ski

Plans are underway on all fronts for this year's skiing season.

The Cross Country Ski Association of Manitoba has published their first newsletter of the season. You can see it here.

Highlights include:
Swap Shop on November 21
First Wednesday Night Racing Starting December 2
Jackrabbit Jamboree February 7