Friday, January 22, 2016

Saturday January 23

It is going to be something like 32 degrees warmer this Saturday than last week. In fact we have a risk of rain. Actually the weather is deceptively warm -- the forecast is showing the temperature in the -1 range for 10am, but it will feel more like -6 and it could be a bit on the windy side. As always, layers with particular attention to a windbreak/water shed layer.

For wax we are in the Special Violet or Extra Blue range. Warm wax, old snow.  This is also the range where waxless skis work well. If you have waxless, often you need to wax them in cooler temperatures, but at this range, you can use them straight-up.

We'll meet golf course (4th T box, just across the road from the soccer field). 10:30 am on skis and ready to go.

See you then!

Friday, January 15, 2016


The cold hasn't let up. Our most optimistic models show -31 and many are showing -38 with the windchill tomorrow and even Coach Ted says that is too Cold. 

So Jackrabbits is off this week. We'll see you next Saturday! If it is STILL tool cold we'll do a waxing session and some inside stuff. 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Jan 9 - Canceled

The temperature really dipped. So we are calling it.

Coach Ted and Coach James (and maybe Coach Adam if he can psych himself up to it) will be there, so if you really want a cold weather ski, you won't be alone. But for the most part - especially for the young kids, consider today canceled.

Friday, January 8, 2016

January 9 - Cold!

It is a cold one! Current model shows -27.5 with the windchill -- right on the line where we cut off. So here is the call:

The coaches will be there. We will plan for a brisk warm-up and then a ski. Anyone who wants to join us would be great! But this is a family call for you. Some of the coaches are leaving their little ones at home. For the real little ones or kids who are just getting used to skis, this may not be a great day for skiing and you likely want to take a pass. But you can also come out and so a shorter circuit, or play on the hill for a while. We'll have all the gear there. We may also cut the time down if it is really too cold.

If you want to come out, make sure you dress for it. Cover up, lots of layers. parents keep an eye on the kids, particularly cheeks. A little Red is ok. Red with white is frostnip and it is time to cover up or get inside.

Wax is full-on white/polar. No nuance to this at all.

If we don't see you tomorrow, then we'll be on again next week (looks like it will be warmer!)
If you want to come out and brave it with us we see you then!

If you want to check with us about whether you should brave it or not, feel free to email.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

We have lots of snow, the weather is fantastic, the trails are groomed. What could be better! The weather for tomorrow morning looks like about -5, but feels like -13. Beautiful for skiing. Blue is probably the wax  du jour, perhaps an Extra Blue if you kit has it. As always, dress in layers. We are getting into the warm end of things temperature-wise, so the snow may start getting a bit wet, which means the kids will start getting wet. Extra socks for after, and extra mits are always a good idea. Remember to bring a water bottle as well.

If you want more information about the Wildwood Jackrabbit Ski program please email the coaches: