Saturday, March 12, 2016

Windup - Saturday March 12th

We are on skis! Yep! another sketchy end of year windup. This is becoming a thing. We'll meet as usually at the 4th T. Backup plan (if our flats become a lake) is the baseball diamond directly south of the community centre (30 seconds south-ish on North Drive).

It is going to be +6 at 10am and only getting warmer. Wax as warm as you have. Klister is an option if you have it and you want to work with that awful stuff. The wax guide only goes to +5 so we are in uncharted territory! Dress in layers - potentially including shorts.

Here are some pictures from last years windup with even less snow.

Hot Chocolate, Cookies, Games, fun and skiing. a great way to wrap a great season.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Saturday March 5

We have had a chilly week, but there is fresh now and warm weather - perfect for skiing! The coaches have a bit of a bet going on about how may weeks we have left. Current odds say at least 2 more weeks and maybe 3 if we are lucky - 4 if we are very lucky! So come on out as the season starts the process of winding down. There is still lots of great skiing to be had. Windsor Park Nordic Centre was featured in Global TV and if you haven't been there yet this year, you should check it out. Very well groomed and great for all levels.

See you Saturday!