Monday, February 26, 2018

Racing, Cookies, Toques and a Jamboree

Lots of skiing stuff happening in the next few weeks as we try to cram all we can into the last part of the season.

TOMORROW! TUESDAY Feb 27. Dash For Cash. This is a fun racing event that is open to everyone. It is basically the time trials that we have already done, but in race format. Registration starts at 5:30 at Windsor Park. If you don't see any of us coaches in the clubhouse, look for the Wildwood sign out on the ski grid - we'll meet up there and prep before the races. Let us know if you are coming so we can watch for you!

SATURDAY March 3. Cookie Party! This will be a regular jackrabbits session with some extra features. We'll do the time trials again to see how we have improved over the year. We'll end with hot chocolate provided by Tim Horton's. We are asking families to bring come cookies to share.

TUESDAY March 6. Deadline for toque design submissions. If your jackrabbits are budding artists, then enter the contest for the design for the next jackrabbit toque. Did you know that 10,500 jackrabbits get toques every year!! If you enter, let us know so we can get the vote out!

SATURDAY March 10. Jackrabbit Jamboree at Windsor Park. This is a fun event for jackrabbits across the city. Stay tuned for registration information. We will be doing this instead of a Jackrabbits session at Wildwood.

Friday, February 23, 2018

February 24

This Saturday is looking pretty nice, though still -17 with the windchill. We are going to have the Jackrabbit Olympics tomorrow! If you have a noise maker you can bring it to cheer on your team as you compete in lots of different skiing events.

Don't forget that next Tuesday is Dash For Cash. This is a really fun race night for kids. Let us know if you are planning on going so we can be watching for you.

Also, it is toque design contest time again! Every year Jackrabbits from across Canada submit designs for next years Jackrabbit toque. If you wan to give it a shot this year, the deadline is March 6. The contest is open to all registered Jackrabbits from ages 5 to 9.

Friday, February 16, 2018

February 17 and Beyond

First, we are very excited to officially welcome Tom Sutton to the coaching team. Tom is an avid skier and former Jackrabbit himself. He has been helping out for a few weeks now, but we want to officially welcome him. He will be operating as an assistant or "sous" coach until he gets his official coach creds. We are thrilled to have more coaching support, particularly since we have quite a few more kids this year! If you are interested in coaching - talk to us! There is lots of support and training available.

Second, Plans! We have them!
The coaching team met this week to figure out the schedule for the rest of the year. Our general approach is we ski until we can't. That means that the end of the year is always weather dependent. Here are the plans:

Feb 17 (tomorrow)
Normal session. A focus on skills and then some fun on the hill.

Feb 24
Jackrabbit Olympics! We are planning some races and fun competition including another time trial to see how we have improved. More info to come (and we may need some parent help!)

Feb 27 (TUESDAY) Dash for Cash
This is a fun night of racing with other jackrabbits. Downtown Nordic and Assiniboine Park Jackrabbits host at Windsor park. This is geared to younger skiers with little or no racing experience. All the kids get something (chocolate dollars usually). And race winners at the various age levels get medals. We'll keep you posted about registering and attending. We had a good contingent last year and won a few races!

March 3
Cookie party!
Games and skiing fun followed by hot chocolate (generously supplied by Tim Horton's) and Cookies (generously supplied by you - thanks!)

March 10
Jackrabbit Jamboree. This annual event brings together all the Jackrabbits in the city. We will be moving our base to Windsor Park Nordic Centre to attend. Separate registration is required and space is somewhat limited.

After the 10th it will be regular sessions until (theoretically) we run out of snow.

Tomorrow is looking nice, but not really warm. As always, layers are important, and don't underestimate the windchill!
Remember that if you are skiing with the family, the kids can earn Snow Goal stickers! (there are some details of that here
If you are taking in Festival  this weekend, have a great time! HE HO!

Adam, Ted, James, Tom