Saturday, November 29, 2014

Skis Today!

I was out checking the snow in my Sorels and housecoat this morning. My father offered me this advice "Don't worry about it technically, this is a political issue: the kids are gonna want to ski whether there is enough snow or not!"

Fair point.

While technically we are still borderline in terms of enough snow, we are calling it and saying skis today! If you have high performance skis, I would leave them at home, but for the most part we should be good!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Saturday November 29

Wildwood Jackrabbits!
There wasn't a lot of snow last week, but we certainly made the best of it.

This Saturday will have a bit of a reprieve from these rather low temperatures and get us up to a balmy -10. And apparently there is snow coming overnight. We are not convinced that there will be enough to ski, but if parents are not to concerned about skis, then maybe... If there is massive snow overnight we'll send out an email in the morning that we will be skiing. For now, we'll assume games and general mucking about. Dress warm, but we'll be sure to keep the kids (and adults!) moving.

If you have some favourite outdoor games we would love to hear them! See you Saturday morning at 10:30.

Next week James and Adam will be at another coaching course all weekend. We are happy to get the gear to anyone who would like to organize an hour of outdoor stuff. For now assume that the is no Jackrabbits next week (Dec 6th).

Friday, November 21, 2014

Saturday November 22th - Swap Shop, Gear, and Snow

This Saturday is the Swap Shop. If you need gear this year, this may be an option for you. There are other options as well, with various vendors offering rental and buy-back programs that can be good, particularly for the little ones as they grow. You can talk to one of the Coaches about gear if you have questions. Coach James is planning on being at the Swap early, so say hi to him if you see him there.

We will be having a Jackrabbit session this Saturday. There is not enough snow yet to ski (we'll take care of that with another Snow Dance!) but we'll get together for some indoor and outdoor fun anyway.

We'll start IN the community center for a discussion on gear, clothing and waxing. Feel free to bring your skis and wax stuff so we can practice waxing, we'll have some extras on hand too, so don't worry if you aren't equipped yet.

We'll also play some outdoor games and do some mucking about in the snow.

Hope to see you Saturday!

Monday, November 10, 2014

The next few weeks

Jackrabbit Warm-up Games
Saturday was a great session Jackrabbits! It was a beautiful day to be outdoors and I think our Snow Dance is starting to have an effect.

This is a reminder that there will be no Jackrabbits next Saturday. James and Adam are at a community coaching course that is required for new coaches. 

If anyone wants to take the reigns (or ski poles!) next Saturday we'd be happy to set out an agenda of sorts and get you the equipment (balls, pylons etc).  

2 weeks from now is Swap Shop. If you are planning on going and want to be sure you get good gear at a good price, you need to get their early (like an hour early). Email us and we can talk strategy if you like. We'll still have a session that Saturday for those that can make it. 

If you are still considering gear for this season you can talk to us as well. There are good purchase and rental options at some of the Ski shops around town, and of course Swap Shop. 

Jackrabbits Games

Friday, November 7, 2014

Saturday November 8 Jackrabbits

We had a great turn out last week, and there are still several families who will be joining later in the season.

This week we'll be again be meeting at the soccer field at Wildwood community centre for some games and a bit of a run. It is supposed to be a bit nippy: -4 with a some wind - so dress warm (layers!). We'll keep everyone moving so by the end you'll be hot.

November 8 is also MEC SnowFest. There are some clinics including ski waxing. If you are looking for some good winter gear this may be an option.

Registration is still open. We're happy to have you, just come on out!