Friday, January 19, 2018

January 20

Well it certainly isn't to cold. The model is showing about -4 (-7 with the windchill). This is a warm wax day for sure. Waxless skis love this temperature - they tend not to do as well when it gets really cold, but tomorrow you should be great.

Coach James is away tomorrow. Ted and Adam will be coaching. We've got some games planned and some snow-plow work on the hills. If the trails are in good shape the older kids may work on skating - we'll play that by ear depending on how the snow is. This kind of weather is terrible for ski trails (though it is nice for humans who have been dealing with -40).

Friday, January 12, 2018

Saturday January 13 - Indoors

It is too cold to be outside for skiing, so we'll be meeting in the clubhouse for some games and work on waxing. Please bring your skis, wax, cork and scraper.

Friday, January 5, 2018

January 6 Session

Happy New Year Jackrabbit Families!

We are snapping out of this deep freeze just in time for skiing. Looking at our local weather model it is right on the edge of our cutoff. The model says -28 (with the windchill) at 10 and -26 by 11. Our cutoff is -27 with the windchill. The air temperature is about -17 and we should be out of the wind for the most part, so we are making the call to go. Still, it will be a nippy one. Layers is key. If you have little ones who don't do so well in the cold then you may want to take a pass for tomorrow. You know your kids. And while it is important to encourage (cajole, insist, drag) them to get out, we also need to set them (and us) up for success.

We'll do some skills drills, probably some work on the hill, and games.

A reminder to please label your polls and to check to make sure you have the right ones. There are still some mis-matched sets.