Thursday, November 16, 2017

Saturday November 18 and Notes for the year.

Wildwood Jackrabbits uses the the Jackrabbits and Bunnyrabbits programs of Cross Country Canada as our guide for programming. Jackrabbits itself has 4 levels of skills development plus some other fun stuff to help promote skiing. Older Kids can get into the Track Attack program, but, for this year anyway, we think the Jackrabbit levels will suffice. Here are the three core parts of the program that we will be using:

(1) Skills Development 

The 4 levels provide guidelines for developing the skiing basics. We have put the kids into 3 groups based on age and skill. This is an initially cut at this and we'll probably do a bit of moving once we have seen the kids in action.
You can see an outline of the 4 levels here. 

We have a pretty big group this year, which is great, but does mean we may be leaning on parents a bit to help wrangle. Also there is always room for more coaches! (see below for more info on that)

(2) Timed Ski

We are going to do a couple timed skis this year This is between a 50m and 100m sprint that is purely the children racing against their own time. We'll do one in the next few weeks and then one towards the end of the season and see how they progress. For the really young ones we'll adapt to where they are at, and parents can always help. You can see some more background on the sprints here. Kids will earn different stickers based on their speed.

(3) Snow Goals - getting out and skiing!

Skiing on Saturday is great. Skiing other times is even better! This little rewards program encourages families to get out and ski during the year. Every 5 non-Jackrabbit outings that you do earns a your jackrabbit a sticker. If you family gets to a 'snow goal', let us know at the next Jackrabbits and we'll give you a sticker. Here is more about that program. They way it is described is a bit stingy in terms of the stickers. We have adapted it a bit and will give out as many stickers as you can earn - the more you ski the better!

Some other notes

Wax and prep - it is important to prep your skis before each session. If you don't have wax or need some hints and tips, please let us know.  Here is a good video from Woodcock Cycle that talks about how to find your grip zone and how to wax.

One trick is to bring your skis inside the night before and wax them in the morning inside. The skis are warmer, the wax is warmer, you are warmer, it is all much easier. Waxing outside at Jackrabbits isn't ideal both in terms of time and how the wax will go on.

Swap Shop - is this Saturday. You'll want to go early if you are counting on getting gear there. It can be a bit crazy, but there is lots of good stuff to be had.

Coaching - we would welcome anyone who would be interested in joining the coaching team. There is formal training available (the next one in a few weeks) if you want to really get into it, and we also welcome 'assistant coaches' and casual help as well. There are a number of weeks where one or another of us are away, so more help is welcome. If you are interested or would like to know more, let one of us know.

Registration - you all have all either registered or told us that you are in the process - Thanks! We are going to be closing registration this weekend so for those who are almost done, the time is now.

This Saturday - we'll be splitting into 2 groups as James is away (did we mention coaching opportunities are available?). We'll be doing some hill and movement work. There still isn't enough snow to track... yet, so a snow dance will be in order! 

As always, if you have any questions please let us know.
We are pretty excited about the season and are looking forward to some great skiing.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Skiing November 11!

We had a great first session last week and started to get those ski muscles back in shape. Good thing too, because it looks like there is enough snow to actually ski! So get your gear ready. That said, it is still a bit sketchy, so of you have really good skis (parents mostly) this may not be the time to bring them out yet.

This Saturday is also Remembrance Day, and we will be pausing at 11:11 for a minute of silence to remember those who served.

A few other notes:

The Cross Country Ski Association Swap Shop is November 18th at Windsor Park Nordic Centre.

Also, please register if you haven't had a chance to yet!

See you Saturday at 10:30 at the soccer field!

Friday, November 3, 2017

First Session November 4

We are on for 10:30 Saturday Morning (Nov 4). 

It look like it is going to be a wet snow morning, so boots may be advisable instead of shoes - keep an eye out in the morning. Layers are also important. It will be chilly, but we'll be moving lots and keeping warm. 

We are meeting at the soccer field to the north of the community club. Looks for our fancy new blue sign!

If you haven't had a chance to register yet, you can register online here: