Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Feb 27 and 28

Well significant kudos to the three brave Jackrabbits (and their parents) who came out last Saturday. It was chilly, but by the end of our loop we were removing layers because we were hot! It would have been no good for the really little ones, but for the crew that was there, it was great.

We had originally planned to forgo this Saturday's session in favour of the Sunday Jackrabbit Jamboree, however since we have had to basically cancel the last 2 sessions, we are going ahead with a session this Saturday as well. It is supposed to be -16 with a windchill of -20. Totally doable.

Coach James will be there for some games and skiing. So we'll hope to see you out! And we hope many of you have register for the Jackrabbit Jamboree too. It should be a great time.

Friday, February 20, 2015

February 21 - Your Call

So here is the deal. 

Most of the cold-weather cut-offs I have seen say -27 with the windchill is where you really draw the line. Tomorrow the models show -26.3 at 10 am and a balmy -25 by 11am. 

It is so borderline that we are proposing this (it is a bit wishy-washy - sorry)

If anyone wants to go out tomorrow, we would be *thrilled* to do a ski. We'll play some fast games to keep us moving and warm and do a distance ski or putter on the hill (for those less able to go the distance). Our thinking is that the older ones could handle it, but the really little ones probably won't have much fun, so parents -  our call.  

If you want to go, shoot us an email and we'll make it happen. We'd love to do it - even for just one kid. If we do get an email saying go we'll shoot an email to everyone else so you can show up too if you want.  

Also. we have decided to have a session next Saturday since we have missed a few. Coach James will be there (Coach Adam is away). And don't forget Jackrabbit Jamboree on Sunday March 1.

February 21... maybe?

Folks, it looks chilly for tomorrow. Which is too bad because today is beautiful! (relatively speaking) Tomorrow is looking like one of those "almost ok" days to ski. We have been watching the weather models and forecasts and so far it looks like the coldest part of the day will be early morning. It will warm up over the course of the day hitting about -21 by 10ish, but the windchill is still -28. This is pretty cold. The forecast has been improving as we have been watching over the week, so stay tuned. We'll send a note out later this evening with the verdict so you can plan your day.

If anyone feels strongly about having a ski Saturday please let us know! We are always game if you are!

Weather models can be found here.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Feb 14 Session Canceled

It isn't getting any better. And -30 is just too cold for the little ones. We have never established an official 'too cold' cut-off, But in doing some digging into some of the other Jackrabbit clubs, it looks like -24 to -27 with the windchill is the range. Whatever it is, -32 is beyond that. CCSAM is also cancelling races that were scheduled for Saturday, and environment Canada has issues an Extreme Cold Warning.

We'll take the hint. So stay home, stay warm, be valentineie and plan to get out with your family Sunday and Monday when it is warmer!

The next two weekends looks nice (so far). If you are planning on attending the Jackrabbit Jamboree in 2 weeks make sure you register now! The Jamboree will be our session that weekend.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

February 14 - Looks pretty Cold

It is looking pretty cold for our next session. Current forecasts have us at -35 with the windchill. We'll post here and send around an email Friday with the official verdict. Stay tuned.

You can checkout our local forecast here on SpotWx:

Jackrabbit Jamboree Sunday March 1

Registration for Jackrabbit Jamboree is now open! This is a great event with Jackrabbits from across the city participating. The event is usually on Saturday but this year is moved to Sunday. There will be no Jackrabbits on Saturday Feb 28.

See details here Then register at Zone4. Cost is $12 per kid.

But hurry! Registration is limited to 100 Jackrabbits!

Friday, February 6, 2015

February 7

Fresh snow! What could be better? We'll gear our session Saturday to whether or not our grid on the soccer field gets tracked and how the hills are looking. The weather looks nice, though the wind could sill make it chilly (-22 with the windchill is predicted). So dress warm , and pay attention to the kids faces and cheeks.

See you Saturday morning!