Friday, December 11, 2015

I am not sure what magical environmental vortex exists around our skiing area, but the snow is still there and it isn't half bad. It is a bit sketchy in places, but we can make a go of it!

The grid is no good at all and there is no point in tracking. So until we get that going we will keep a focus on hills and games. Once we get more snow and can track the grid properly we'll start to incorporate more stride skills development.

Saturday December 12
Skiing at the golf course (just across from the soccer field)
Hill Fun, games and relays
We'll also talk waxing a bit.

Weather looks like about -4ish. The snow is icy old snow with at wee dusting of new snow over it. Go for warmer wax particularly for the younger ones.
We are in that range where it could get slushy, so water resistant outer layer is good (ie, not fleece as the outer layer, and for sure not jeans - denim is not good for physical activity of any sort really). Layers are always good. Snow pants work for the young ones, just make sure they can take off toques and jackets because they could get warm.

Saturday December 19
Christmas Cookie Party!
The plan is to head over to the community center for cookies and hot chocolate after skiing. Families are asked to bring cookies and we'll look after the hot chocolate. We can talk more about this tomorrow.

Saturday December 26. 
No Jackrabbits - But you can still get out and go skiing!

Saturday January 2

This is your second last call.. sort of
As of the 19th we are ordering Jackrabbit Toques so if you want to get yours soon, all you need to to is register. Later registrations are still ok, but that just means the toques will be ordered later.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

December 5 - Skiing!

Our snow has not all melted away yet! It is a bit sketchy but definitely enough to ski. We are meeting at 10:30 at the hills on the golf course, just across the road from he soccer field. 

Dress in layers - it is better to take off toques and jackets than it is to take off mitts or gloves. In terms of waxing, the snow is pretty icy and packed so you want something warm for old snow, like a red or Extra violet (if you have those). For the jackrabbits it won't matter as much because we'll be skate-skiing. For the Bunnyrabbits, nothing is more frustrating then no grip, we'll have some extra wax on hand.