Friday, November 22, 2019

November 23

We have Snow! Sure it isn't perfect, and actually, if you have really nice skis, this probably isn't the time to use them. But there is snow enough to muck about on, and that is exactly what we are going to do. Or at least try.

We'll start off on skis. We may need to move the playing field around a bit as we wear it down to grass, but we'll play that by ear. There have been several folks out skiing so there are tracks... kind of. If gets really sketchy we'll doff the skis and play in our boots.

We'll meet on the golf course green instead of the soccer field - that is where we were last week for the hill stuff. 

Friday, November 15, 2019

Saturday November 16

Still not enough snow to ski, but we'll be out having fun!

We'll continue this week with games and getting our ski muscles back in shape. For the older kids, please bring your poles. Yes poles. During the ski season we practice on skis without poles, and tomorrow we'll practice poles without skis! Poles can be tricky, so practicing the motion with running can be really helpful. For the really young kids, don't worry about poles - we tend to spend the majority of the season without them anyway. That said, if your kid has been itching to use their poles, then bring them! (the poles and the kids!)

Reminder that if you haven't registered, please do.  Visit Zone4 to register: The sooner you register the easier it is for us to plan! If you are new and want to come check us out for a week or two, you are welcome to before you register.

Swap Shop Saturday
The Swap Shop is THIS SATURDAY. if you are heading there, go early!. 
If you are interested in a local ski swap let us know. The community club has done some in the past.

Last 'spam' email
This email is being sent to everyone who was involved last year and who expressed interest for this  year. This is the last "spam" email. Next week will reset to only those who have registered or asked to be kept on the list. Another good reason to register!

Help Wanted
We have had some folks step forward to help. We are always looking for more though. If you think coaching, or helping, might be for you, please talk to us.

You can check out website for updates, though it is mostly this email. Some would say that is lazy. We say efficient! That is exactly what I said last week - more efficiency!

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Jackrabbits Starts Saturday!

Wildwood Jackrabbits starts THIS SATURDAY November 9th. We will meet at the soccer fields by the community club at 10:30.

Also, registration is open. You can register online here

If you have any questions email the coaches