Thursday, March 19, 2020

Skiing March 21 and onwards

Hello Everyone,

We have been giving the idea of skiing this weekend as a group a lot of thought in light of the need to social distance and flatten the curve of COVID19.  We have thought further regarding smaller group gatherings and how we can still keep skiing for a few more weekends.  We are very supportive of doing our part to stay separated from each other during this time and are happy to encourage everyone to get outside as a family and keep skiing as much as you feel comfortable.  

We will continue to come out, as long as there is snow, to Wildwood, at the same time to setup some poles, pylons to allow kids some fun hill time and families to go skiing together.  They will be fairly informal sessions with mostly just come out to ski and practice your skills if you want to. It will sort of be come and go on your own but knowing there are other Jackrabbits out there somewhere.

We totally understand and respect everyone's decision to stay home, no pressure at all.  If you are more interested at skiing on your own as a family while you still can, please check out the link below as it outline some other trail areas.

As for stickers and books, we will try to get the stickers out via mail, or drop off at your door, in the next week or 2.  If you don't have a book for stickers, let us know and we'll send that out otherwise keep your eyes peeled for stickers in the coming weeks.

Hope you all keep skiing as long as you can and we'll keep updating people week to week.

Hope everyone stays healthy and safe!

Coach Adam & Ted

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